Equipment Hire

  • Generators– 70 Kva blimped base camp generators
  • Generator/Light Towers– 30 Kva blimped generators with telescopic light towers
  • Distribution– 32, 16 Amp, 3 or single phase cabling
  • Fuel Bouwsers– 3000 litre fuel bouwsers for fleet refueling
  • Water tanks– 1000–5000 litre capacity Water pumps – various capacities
  • Decking– to create elevated walkways between artist trailers. (Helpful in artists keeping out the mud when it rains and gives them a “red carpet” feel)
  • Camouflage nets
  • Bedouin tents
  • Racking/shelving– for trucks Recovery equipment – to handle up to 20 tons
  • Fridges
  • Heaters
  • Fire extinguishers– artist trailers and base camp
  • Base camp support– Eezee shades, 3 Kva generators, plumbing, vehicle recovery, Gerry cans, cooler boxes, etc.




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